Inspiration despite the Lego man

When you think of the logistical planning for the welcoming, transportation, registration and then ensuring that all 4,500 visitors can get to their hotels and will be ready for a local church Sunday service the next day – well my mind boggles.

This morning showed our coach load of keen arrivals at the International Conference Centre that the Lausanne Movement has given a lot of thought to even the smallest of details of what will be needed for the next 9 days.

4 nobel proze winners - lithuli, tutu, mandela, de klerkFor a little inspiration a number of us bleary eyed Brits took a stroll down to the Marina. There we came face to face with life-size bronze statues of South Africa’s 4 great Nobel Peace Prize winners. From left to right – Albert Luthuli (NPP ’60), Bishop Desmond Tutu (NPP ’84), Nelson Mandela (NPP ’93) and F. W. de Klerk (NPP ’93) – four men who made it their mission in life to leave this world a better place.

I’m guessing many of today’s bleary eyed arrivals from around the evangelical world are dreaming of a similar passion. To leave this world transformed in some small way simply because they took our Lord’s mission into this world seriously.

PS: I’m not entirely sure what that odd red seated Lego statue is trying to indicate in the background. Some less charitable wag suggested that it was a warning to the inhabitants, “Bleary eyed evangelicals dropping from the skies today”.

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